Musings and paradox 

 Human nature/claudephoto

Doors close. Doors open. Walk through the open doors. Look back on the closed doors with love and your memories. 

There is a reason for who you meet. 
You have a choice. Always. 
There is a reason for endings. And beginnings. You’ll figure it out eventually. Accept what you don’t know. 
Don’t compete with falsehood. 
Listen to your instinct; to your body. They do not deceive you. Ever. 
Accept and love yourself. 
Be vulnerable. Truly vulnerable. Yea…it’s scary. 
Trust another until deceived. Then quietly go. It’s ok to look back as you go… 
Ignore words without action. Always. 
Cherish your children. 
Love eternally even if unrequited. Love doesn’t give you rewards. 
Forgive. But never ever forget.
Half a life lived. These are musings and paradox.

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